The Sisters welcome you to our website.
We hope that you will come to know us a little better

We all join together in this Easter Tridum in prayer on our journey towards Easter.

Our First House in India has now been open for nearly three years.Foundation day 3rd August 2015).  We are now looking to found a student hostel for girla  in Bangalore iwe have been invited to work with the CMI Fathers on the site of Christ Academy.

This is the Year with  Mother Saint Mary  Our Mother Foundress. .

A Proposal is offered to you:

On 28th April 2018 we will celebrate the 160th Anniversary of the Return to God  of our Mother Fooundress.

That is why we are making this year 2018 a YEAR OF MOTHER SAINT MARY. ( Henriette le Forester D'Osseville)


To all those who wish we offer

a Monthly mome3nt of communion in prayer

where we are the evening.

on 15th Of each month

in memory of the Promise of Our Lady to the young Henriette

on 15th August 1829:

Do not fear I shall be faithful...')


with one sentence of Mother Saint Mary

and a Prayer to Mother Saint Mary

A Monthly leaflet will be sent to all those who ask for it.

  •  to a Sister of the nearest community
  • or by e-mail to Sr Marie France:

May Mother Saint Mary grant all of us a year 2018

lived in passionate faith and serene trust!

We are Sisters of Ignatian Spirituality and are part of a worldwide Congregation known as The Sisters of Our Lady of Fidelity. The Congregation of Our Lady of Fidelity was founded in Normandy (France) in 1831 by


  (Mother Saint Mary)
  who was born in 1803.

Mother Saint Mary Founded Norwood in 1848. 
Norwood was the second Foundation.

Mother Saint Mary lived at Norwood until her return to God in 1858

   In every country where the Congregation is established, we try to reflect the spirit of our foundress Mother Saint Mary.

  "To work for the good of children for the greater glory of God"

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Charity Choice Donation

We need to raise money for several things First of all a chance has come for us to purchase a Freehold shop.  This would be used for so many things including counselling, volunteers, religious items for sale, a hub for the local community.   But we need £450.000 !!

God bless you all

Charity Choice Fund Raising


Sister Sheela makes her Final Vows

Sister Simi made her first Profession on 14th March 2015 

Vespers being sung

First Profession of Sister Shainy 3rd December 2011

First Profession of Sister Rosalia

Linda Devereaux.

Came to the school 1964/9, is there a class photograph to see please ?  Is there a expupils page, would love to hear about my fellow students.

Linda Devereaux

Reply from :

Sister Bernadette

These is an Oldfidelians Website

I would need to meet you about the photograph.

God Bless you

    25 Nov 2013 07:03:37 PM 

Sister Kachappilly Final Commitment

I am very please to know about Virgo Fidelis Congregation, I am very happy to see the sisters are increasing, Wonderful Blessings from God. Wish you all the best May God Bless you.

    05 Apr 2013 07:29:59 PM 

Elizabeth Jackson (Delaney)

I attended the convent between 1964 and 1969  I wonder what thing are like now. A lot must have changed since my day.  Back then you were'nt encouraged to have any thoughts of your're own.  I hope things are different now.


Yes they are so much has changed. Students are encouraged to be very proactive.  Please look at our school website


The Sisters in the Community are also full of initiative.


God Bless you.


Sister Bernadette